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China to America: BACK OFF!

Do you ever get the feeling that Bush frequently bites off more than he can chew?

China warned the United States on Thursday not to meddle in its trade relations with Iran after Washington expressed concern about a Chinese oil company's planned investment in an Iranian gas field.


Asked if that meant Beijing believed the United States was interfering in its dealings with Iran, [Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman] Liu said, "This is our position."

Personally, I am not sure that is a good translation. What he probably said might have been better translated as, "That's what I just said, you dumb whitey. Weren't you listening? Gawd, these ignorant! We make an official statement, and 20 seconds later they ask us what we meant by that. Have these people never heard of reading between the lines? Do they not understand the art of making veiled threats?"

The U.S. government expressed concern to Beijing last month about a planned investment by state-owned Chinese oil company CNOOC Ltd. in Iran's Northern Pars gas field. Washington said major business dealings with Tehran were inappropriate while Iran is defying U.N. resolutions on its nuclear program.

No...sorry, but that's not true at all. Washington only believes that major business dealings with Tehran are inappropriate when the US isn't involved. America wants those fields of oil and natural gas that Iran just happens to be sitting upon. Therefore it's not "fair" for anyone else to take them. No matter who was there first. No matter who has the energy contracts already locked and signed. No matter who has the better business and trade relationship with Iran.

Please observe that this is the real reason for America's urge to make war with Iraq and with Iran. It is all because the Chinese and the Russians secured the development rights to the fuel in those countries first. Invading lets America cast down the legitimate governments of Iraq and Iran, and then install puppet governments that will renege on any past agreements and only give America its energy deposits.

Because believe me, when it comes to comparing trade between China and Iran, as opposed to the US and Iran, China is the definite winner.

The aspect of China-Iran relations that has attracted most attention since the eruption of the Iran nuclear crisis has been the energy deals. As the fast-growing Chinese economy increasingly depends on imported oil and gas to sustain itself, China has stepped up its efforts to acquire energy supplies from overseas, including the Middle East. In March 2004, China’s state-owned Zhuhai Zhenrong Corporation signed a deal to import 110 million tonnes of Iranian LNG over 25 years. The deal is worth approximately $20 billion. In October 2004, one of China’s major state oil companies, Sinopec, signed an MoU with Iran to buy 250 million tonnes of LNG over 25 years. In return, Sinopec obtained a 50% stake in developing the Yadavaran oilfield, which is believed to be able to produce 300,000 barrels per day. The deal is valued at $100 billion. China is also believed to be interested in constructing a pipeline in Iran to transport oil to the Caspian Sea, so that eventually it can gain direct pipeline access to Iranian oil via Kazakhstan.

LNG = liquefied natural gas MoU = memorandum of understanding, aka contract under international law Dollar values are expressed in U.S. dollars

Download the study here: PDF

See, the amount of fuel buried inside the planet is finite. We know this because the mass of the planet is not expanding infinitely. Since the total amount of fuel in the world is limited, superpowers are probably going to come to blows in battling for that fuel. This is bad news for America, because with our military forces being in the current state that they are, we cannot defeat China.

I need all of you to appreciate this fact. China helped Iran develop a missle that was used to spank Israel during its conflict with Palestine last summer. When you consider that Israel has some of the best military technology and equipment that America has to offer, this does not bode well. Why are these weapons being built by China and Iran, in a spirit of cooperation? Well, take a guess at who their mutual enemy might be...a mutual enemy with a thirst for oil, a lust for invasion, and a bloated military budget.

And here's some more appreciation. Chinese stealth technology has advanced to the point where US naval fleets cannot detect Chinese subs. Now if they also have weapons like the Tomahawk already developed (or very close to being developed) then I need you to think about the ramifications of that. Ever seen The Hunt for Red October?

Consider how "stretched thin" our military forces already are, conducting war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and getting ready for a third battlefront with Iran. What makes you think that the US is ready to take on the likes of China?????

This is a warning we would do well to heed. (I'm talking to you, Bush.)

UPDATE: Now Russia is also warning us as well.

UPDATE 2: China tests an anti-satellite weapons system. This is some pretty whopping big news.

Now that a ground-launched anti-satellite system has been demonstrated, getting that genie back into the bottle may prove a daunting challenge. Henceforth, any reasonably sized military missile could be a satellite-killer with the addition of a Volkswagen-sized warhead.

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